7 Signs it’s Time to Fire Your Insurance Agent

If you’re like most car or homeowners, you understand the importance of insurance but are not familiar with the terms or process of securing the right insurance. Uncertainty causes most of us to second-guess our choices and question whose side the insurance is on. Is your uncertainty valid or is it just standard insurance routine?

Take a look at these seven red flags it’s time to fire your insurance agent.

  1. Lack of communication.
There is nothing worse than trusting an insurance agent with your financial well-being and never hearing from them. If your agent avoids your phone calls or e-mails, you deserve better. If your insurance agent only contacts you when it’s time to collect a check, you deserve better. The best insurance agents respond quickly and check-in throughout the year to see if you have any personal or business changes.

  1. Only using insurance jargon.
Agents that only talk in insurance terms without breaking them down for you to easily understand may not know what the policy covers. Look for an insurance agent that makes insurance easy to understand. You’ll feel more confident in your decision.

  1. Bribing you for your business.
Promising or offering gifts or money for your business is unethical and illegal. If your insurance agent does this, ask them to leave because they are not looking out for your best interests.

  1. Bad salesman attitude.
We all dread the pushy salesman attitude. These types of insurance agents give all agents a bad reputation. Avoid working with agents that say just sign here without explaining your purchase. An agent that refuses to compare your existing coverage to what they quote or says you have to purchase by a certain date to get the deal is bad news. You want an agent that makes you feel comfortable and gives you the time you need to make a decision.

  1. Avoids answering your questions.
Does your existing agent answer your questions? Or does he/she avoid answering by changing the subject? If an agent doesn’t know the answer, it’s okay. But, a reputable agent is honest about that and takes the time to get you the answers you deserve.

  1. Misrepresents your business.
Insurance policies promise protection in the event of an auto accident, loss of your home, or lawsuit against your business. But, they will only protect you if all the information provided is accurate and truthful. Review all insurance applications before signing and review the insurance policies when they arrive. Make sure your insurance agent disclosed information about your home, driving record, and business. If they lie on your application, your future financial health is at risk.

  1. They won’t show their license.
Pennsylvania law requires insurance agents to acquire a license to sell. Ask your agent for a copy of their insurance license or license number. You can verify their license status by contacting the Pennsylvania insurance authority. If the agent refuses to provide this or give credentials on their experience, it’s time to find another insurance agent.

Choose an honest agent
Being aware of these red flags makes it easier to find and hire an honest insurance agent. If you have a great agent already, that is great news! If reading this makes you question your current agent, contact a trusted Hanover, PA Insurance Agency today.

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