advice for buying a new car after covid-19

Advice for Buying a Car After COVID- 19

COVID-19 has changed the way we are in public and car shopping is no exception. Buying a new car can be an exciting time, especially now when the interest rates, prices, and deals are hard to beat. Prices are constantly dropping on new and used cars and interest rates are at a historical low. If you decide to start shopping for a new or used car after COVID-19 has let us get somewhat back to normal, there are some safety measures that the dealership should take to protect you and themselves. Look for a dealer that does the following.

  1. Extra Cleaning – Not only should there be an extra awareness of cleaning inside, paying special attention to the areas that are frequented by customers and employees, but also the vehicles. While before COVID-19 we may not have thought about wiping down a car inside, and at a minimum the handles outside, it is something we should continue to be aware of for some time to come.
  2. Curbside or Delivery – A dealer that you decide to do business with should offer curbside test driving where they bring the vehicle to the front so you can get in and take a test drive without any contact, maintaining social distancing guidelines. Or, if you are sure about what vehicle you want, you can look for a dealer that also offers home delivery. Many are doing this now for no fee.
  3. Masks and Social Distancing – Maintaining social distancing, even while car shopping, is still going to be recommended by the CDC for a while. Also, shop at a dealer that has a face-covering requirement for their employees and visitors while inside. If you do go for a test drive, take your mask off for safety.
  4. Solo Test Drives – Most dealers understand that there are social distancing requirements due to COVID-19 and may be more willing to let you take a test drive on your own. What’s great about that is you can take your time to see if you like the car and enjoy the ride.

If you follow all of these safety measures when shopping for a new car then you should have an enjoyable car buying experience. Avoid car dealerships that do not follow CDC recommendations and guidelines. And be sure to give Rumbaugh Insurance a call to update your auto insurance policy.