Tips to Find The Best Home Insurance

Are you trying to find the best homeowners insurance in Pennsylvania? Figuring out where to buy insurance and who to trust is one of the most difficult parts of shopping for homeowners insurance. Most individuals rely on Google, T.V. ads, or social media to guide  them to the right decision. Some of these resources don’t share all the necessary information needed to make a well-informed choice.

Online paid advertising and television ads almost always talk about price first. They rarely talk about the important parts of homeowners insurance, like what it should protect homeowners against. To make sure you have the best homeowners insurance available to you, read the below guide.

Is Homeowners Insurance Required?
While carrying home insurance isn’t required by law, in many cases homeowners are required to purchase it by their mortgage company. Mortgage companies require insurance to guarantee that they will receive the balance owed on a loan in the event of a total loss of a home from a fire or other catastrophic event.

Benefits of Home Insurance

Even if you are part of the 34% of homeowners that don’t have a mortgage, buying insurance is beneficial for the following reasons:

Repair or Rebuild a Home
The majority of homeowners don’t have enough money saved to cover major repairs without applying for a loan. Home insurance pays the costs to repair or rebuild a home in the event it is destroyed by a major storm, fire, or vandalism.

Replace Damaged or Stolen Property
Not only will a home insurance policy pay to replace belongings damaged by a fire or event, but it also covers items that are stolen when they are away from the property. For instance, if your wedding ring is stolen while vacationing, homeowners can file a claim on their policy to pay to replace it.

Protection for Personal Liability Risks
A home insurance policy also offers coverage for incidents you don’t tend to think about including visitors falling, children hitting a baseball through a neighbor’s window, or your dog injuring a guest. All of these incidents are covered under the personal liability coverage included on a homeowners insurance policy.

Types of Coverage on Home Insurance Policies
When you pay for a product, you expect it to deliver what is promised. The best way to make sure homeowners insurance works for you is to have the following coverages included:

  • Building
  • Personal Property or Contents
  • Personal Liability
  • Additional Living
  • Other Structures
  • Home Based Business

Request Multiple Quotes When Shopping
Before settling on the first quote you see, request multiple quotes from various carriers. Shopping with an independent insurance agency is the best way to assure you see multiple quotes for the same coverages from different carriers. An independent agent represents multiple companies unlike some agents that only offer products through one carrier.

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